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Sèvres Figure of Janot

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Dates Circa 1800
Origin France
Description Hard paste Sevres biscuit figure of Janot, He is wearing breeches, a coat and a pointed bonnet, holding a lamp and standing against a stone post.

Height 30.8cm. Diameter of base 11.8cm

The actor Volanges in the role of Janot, hero of a popular comedy by Dorvigny, Janot ou Les battus paient l’amende. This is the scene where the young man is in front of his girlfriend’s house and he has called up to her to throw down the door key. Unfortunately it was her father who heard him and so the contents of the chamberpot have just been thrown over his head instead. He then utters the popular line “c’en est!”. This biscuit figure found immediate favour and at least 70 examples were sold between 1779 and 1789. They were popular with the royal family and examples were bought by Louis XVI, Marie-Antoinette, the comtesse d’Artois and de Provence, as well as, in December 1781, the infant Dauphin, all at a price of 72 Livres.
Condition Lantern has been re-attached