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Capodimonte Group of Pilgrims

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This item is no longer available
Dates Circa 1750
22.00cm high (8.66 inches high)
15.00cm wide (5.91 inches wide)
7.50cm deep (2.95 inches deep)
Medium Porcelain
Origin Italy
Description A rare Capodimonte group of pilgrims ("I Pellegrini"), modelled by Giuseppe Gricci and painted with beautiful subtle colours, the lady holding her companion's hand, each with emblematic scallop shells attached to their costumes.

This group displays a theme highly fashionable in the 18th century and in the Capodimonte manufactory, "The Pilgrims of Love" sourced after the Commedia dell'Arte "Le Trois Cousins" by Dancourt", with the scene of the pilgrimage of a group of young lovers to the island of Citera.

For a similar model, see A. CarĂ²la-Perrotti, op.cit., Naples, 1986, n.105, p.168; pl. XXXIII.

Condition There are manufacturing faults and restoration to his hand, cuff and brim of hat