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Medium Porcelain
Origin France
Description A very fine French hard-paste porcelain plaque painted by Céleste Breton of a boy in a blue coat with white ruffled shirt in an oval wooden frame, the top of which is covered with red fabric. He sports a black tricorn hat with a cockade and spray blue forget-me-knots. His light coloured hair is tied with a large black bow. Various objects are at the foot of the painting: a spent candle dripping wax down the neck of a green bottle; a painter’s palette with accoutrements, playing cards, rolled up papers, folders and sketch books and a book entitled “La Vie des Peintres”.

Signed in brown paint on the right of the base: Céleste Breton née Colon d’après Grimaud.

The reverse is signed in a brown script left of the base: Céleste Breton élève de Mme. m v Jaquotot

Mme. Marie-Victoire Jaquotot (1772-1855) was one of the leading painter’s in Paris and at Sèvres during the directorship of Alexandre Brongniart. She was a fine miniaturist and painter, in 1816 she was awarded the title “Premiere peintre sur porcelain du Roi”, which enabled her to open her own atelier in Paris from 1816-1836.

Anne Lajoix, in her monograph of Marie-Victoire Jaquotot lists Céleste-Sophie-Antoinette Breton amongst one of her finest pupils.

24cm X 20cm

Circa 1816-36

The painting is in very fine condition, the stripe of light is from the camera.

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