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Meissen Tankard

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Dates Circa 1750
12.00cm high (4.72 inches high)
Medium Porcelain
Origin Germany
Description A rare small Meissen tankard painted in a purple camieu with an intricate continuous battle scene against what appears to be the Turks, with a city backdrop and small cartouches of regimental scenes. Set within a complex design of several linking cartouches with small battle scenes and militia regalia and grotesque heads. These and the main scene are after many different print sources of Georg Philipp d. Ä Regundas.

Contemporary silver-gilt lid.
Condition Tiny touching to enamels at base.
Literature Literature: Andrea Teuscher Die Künstlerfamilie Rugendas 1666-1858.
Georg Philipp d. Ä Regundas; 1666-1742 Augsburg

The artist Christian Gotthelf Grossman, who is known for similar battle scenes in a puce camieau at Meissen, Ludwigsburg and later at Sèvres, may be linked to the artist this piece.

David Peters, Revue de la Societé des Amis du Musée national de Céramique, No. 6 1997, pp7-14, fig 4