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Pair of Meissen Salt Spoons

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This item is no longer available
Dates Circa 1740
Medium Porcelain
Origin Germany
Description These salt spoons, produced in about 1740 when the manufactory had underglaze blue well under control, feature the so-called ‘Zwiebelmuster’ or ‘onion’ pattern. It has long been assumed that the 'onion' pattern was a copy of a Chinese prototype, but it was a Meissen design with several variations based on Chinese motifs. (Pietsch,U., Triumph of the Blue Swords, 2010, p. 245). To ensure a consistent standard in the production of table services, the ‘onion’ patterns were first ‘pounced’ onto the surface of the porcelain, leaving a traceable design for the painters to follow, a practice that continues at Meissen today. 

Meissen’s blue and white ‘onion’ pattern was immensely successful, and modified versions are still in production.

Small crossed swords to one of the spoons as shown.

10cm Long

Literature Pietsch,U., Triumph of the Blue Swords, 2010, p. 245