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Savona Group of 'La Courtisane Amoureuse'

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Dates Circa 1780
19.00cm high (7.48 inches high)
15.00cm wide (5.91 inches wide)
10.00cm deep (3.94 inches deep)
Medium Faience
Origin Italy
Description A very rare Savona group by Giacomo Boselli of 'La Courtisane Amoureuse' depicting a charmingly naive group of a kneeling lady removing a gentleman's stocking. He sits in his night attire, a black nightcap, a pink flower sprigged dressing gown and blue breeches. A pipe is in his right hand. She wears a striped skirt, a puce coloured jacket and a small black ruff around her neck. The base is daubed with brown and yellow and has patches of green turf attached. A tall bare tree-stump is at the rear.

This model is inspired by a pen and ink drawing of 'La Courtisane Amoureuse' by Fran├žoise Boucher, which was subsequently engraved by Larmessin for a series of engravings from the stories of La Fontaine.

Boucher, Fran├žois (1703-1770)
Larmessin, Nicolas IV de (1684-1755)
Boselli, Giacomo (1744 -1808)