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Sèvres Biscuit Group

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Dates Circa 1766 - 1773
Origin France
Description Sèvres soft-paste biscuit group of The Grape Eaters (Les Mangeurs de Raisons)

This group is inspired by Boucher and known as 'groupe de Boucher' when it was first introduced at the Vincennes manufactory in 1752 as a glazed model. Inspired by the theatrical production by Charles-Simon Favert’s ballet pantomime production entitled, 'Les Vandages de Tempé'. The pendent group, also based on this production is the Flute Lesson 'Le Flûteur'. Boucher, who was a friend of Favert, designed the sets and costumes for both productions.

The two characters are a shepherd and shepherdess – named Lisette, the heroine of the story. Boucher painted this scene showing the boy enticing Lisette with a bunch of grapes set in a pastoral scene. A dog lies at their feet. The rock work at the right side is surmounted with an urn which features in the earliest of Vincennes models of 1752. This painting hangs today in the Wallace Collection.

Condition The shepherd’s neck with restoration and The shepherdess' nose with small chip filled
Literature This popular group is discussed at length in much of the relevant literature:

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