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Sèvres porcelain plaque by Maire-Victoire Jacquotot

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Dates Circa 1820
Medium Porcelain
Origin France
Description Sèvres porcelain plaque by Maire-Victoire Jacquotot, painted with a portrait miniature of “Charlotte Smyth Baroness d’Este”. Mounted in a fine contemporary gilt metal frame 14cm x 12.5cm.

First quarter of the 19th Century

Written in a black script on reverse: “Charlotte Smyth, Baronne d’Est par Mme Jacutot”

Mme. Marie-Victoire Jaquotot (1772-1855) was one of the leading painter’s in Paris and at the Sèvres manufactory during the directorship of Alexandre Brongniart. A very fine miniaturist and painter, in 1816 she was awarded the title of “Premiere peintre sur porcelaine du Roi”, which enabled her to open her own atelier or painting studio in Paris which she ran from 1816-1836.

Mme. Jaquotot, a friend of Brongniart, often fraternised with other famous artists of the day. These included, Delacroix, de Laroche, Gérard, Isabey and Ingres. (Préaud: p.33 see literature below)

Literature: Anne Lajoix, Marie-Victoire Jaquotot 1772-1855 Peintre sur porcelain, p.172, no.251, foot-note p. 229, no 1204, stating this work (no. 251, ) as being cited in the cahier-mémoire of Michelangelo Gualandi, conservator of the Bibliothèque de la manufacture de Sèvres of 1838 or 1855.
T. Préaud, The Sèvres Porcelain Manufacture Alexandre Brongniart and the Triumph of Art and Industry, pp. 33, 86,