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Chamberlain's Worcester Reticulated Ware

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Dates Circa 1846 - 1850
Medium Porcelain
Origin Porcelain
Description An exceptional and rare Chamberlain's Worcester reticulated two handled bowl, cover and stand (after the Sevres prototype).
Literature G. Godden Chamberlain's Worcester, pp168-70, where the factory drawings are illustrated and contemporary newspaper cuttings of a selection of these reticulated wares, showing a proposed gift to be presented to the famous singer Jenny Lind when she visited the Chamberlain's Worcester factory in 1849.

The French Porcelain Society Journal IV 2011: Alan P Darr, A 19th century Royal Sevres Dejeuner Chinois Reticule: An important new Acquisition at the Detroiet Institute of Arts. pp122-160