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A Barr, Flight & Barr Worcester Porcelain Footed Cabinet Cup & Saucer

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This item is no longer available
Dates Circa 1807
Description The cup finely painted with a figure of a woman with a large wicker basket looped over her left arm walking past large jagged rocks. This scene is painted on a gilt vermilion ground. The terminal of the gilt handle is in the form of an eagle with its wings out-stretched, its head protruding to form the top of the handle with a gold orb in its mouth, the lower section of the handle formed by the long thin body of a sea creature also holding the orb in its mouth. There is a band of white pearls surrounding the cup above and below the painting. Just below the rim, the upper band is painted with continuous gilt flower-heads. The base of the cup is slightly indented with three gilt lion's paw feet attached.

The saucer has a series of gilt bands around its rim. There is a central motif of an elaborate foliate type decoration within a wide gilt outer band and a band of white pearls. Above this a band of gilt vermillion alternating with a classical caldron alight with flames issuing from the top and an oval oak leaf panel topped by white pearls.

Cup 8cm High

Saucer 13cm Dia.

in puce:
Barr Flight & Barr
Royal Porcelain Works
London House
Flight & Barr
Coventry Street

With oval line surmounted by the royal crown and the Price of Wales feathers.
The use of the feathers and royal crown date the cup to 1807-1813.
& impressed BFB below crown.

Literature Reference: Flight and Barr Worcester Porcelain: 1783-1840, Henry Sandon, page 179, plate 171 for illustrations of cup and vases with similar decoration of figures after Gainsborough R.A. & Edward Cowper.