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Chelsea Hans Sloane Vase

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This item is no longer available
Dates Circa 1752
Medium Porcelain
Origin England
Description An extremely rare Chelsea Hans Sloane vase painted with a purple specimen flower, *Ruellia macanthra, native to the cerrado vegetation of Brazil, which is usually used as an ornamental plant, the reverse with a sparse yellow flower spray.

*This plant is commonly known as Christmas pride.

A Chelsea vase, painted with Hans Sloane style flowers appears to be unrecorded in the literature. (Except the catalogue where this vase is illustrated).

Circa 1752-8

17cm High

Literature lllustrated and exhibited at: The George R. Gardner Museum of Ceramic Art, Toronto, Canada, “A Taste of Elegance, Century English porcelain from private collections in Ontario”. Meredith Chilton and J. P. Palmer, 1986, p.16, no.15.