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Du Paquier Cup and Saucer

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Dates Circa 1735 - 1745
Origin Vienna
Description A tiny Du Paquier cup and trembleuse saucer, painted with large sprays of flowers including a full blown puce-pink briar rose, with thorny stems, anemones, orange clovers and an assortment of other small flowers in orange and purple. The reverse of the saucer has three small flower sprays. The central raised gallery is finely pierced copying a metal design, scroll handle and gilded rims

The cup Circa 1735 (5.75cm high) no mark and the saucer is a slightly later replacement of Circa 1740-5 (9cm dia) marked with a beehive shield in underglaze blue incised 5 and painters mark 51 in orange

Literature This small example, which could have been specially made for a child, is unrecorded in the literature
Provenance The Ruth Hoff Collection