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Meissen chinoiserie group

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Dates Circa 1750
Medium Porcelain
Origin Germany
Description Meissen chinoiserie group, inspired by the François Boucher print series Scènes de la vie chinoise, modelled by Peter Renicke, of a lady holding a teakettle in her right hand while with the other she pours liquid from a jug into the tea bowl being offered on a tray by a Chinese boy. Another Chinese boy is at her feet, holding a basket of fruit.

Blue crossed swords under the glazed base.

15.5cm High

11cm Wide

8cm Deep

This group is one from the series of Chinoiserie groups in various pursuits. Adapted from a print by Jean-Joseph Balechou (1716-1764) after François Boucher, entitled, “Les délices de l'enfants”; signed: Fr. Boucher D and Balchou sc.
Condition lady’s left hand and forefinger restored, her right hand and handle of kettle/spouts restored. Piece of tray and child’s left hand restored. Chip to the basket, and forefinger of this child restored.
Literature Dr. E. Pauls-Eisenbeiss, German Porcelain of the 18th Century, Vol 1. pp.119-20,
P. Jean-Richard, L’œuvre grave de François Boucher, Vol 1. No. 254.