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Meissen chinoiserie Group

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Dates Circa 1750
Medium Porcelain
Origin Germany
Description A rare Meissen chinoiserie group modelled by Peter Renicke, inspired by the Françoise Boucher print series Scènes de la vie chinoise. The infatuated couple is seated in a trellis arbour, holding a book. She is on a stool with a yellow cushion, while he is seated in a chair. He has his arm around her shoulder, and they hold a large brown book with highly gilded pages. They are surrounded by a proliferation of flowers and leaves.  

After a print by Gabriel Houquier (1695-1772) “A man and woman reading” engraving after Françoise Boucher from the series scenes de la vie chinoise, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

18.5cm High

13cm Wide

11cm Deep
Condition Small part of the arbour (top left side) restored together with some flowers and leaves mainly to this side.
Literature Robbig et al, Hidden valuables early Meissen Porcelain is from Swiss Private Collections, figs. 65 & 66.