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Nymphenburg Cup and Saucer

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Dates Circa 1770
Medium Porcelain
Origin Germany
Description An extremely rare Nymphenburg Cup and Saucer, painted with mythological scenes by Cajetan Purtscher. The saucer is marked with an incised shield and 67. The cup is marked with an incised shield and the letter S.

The decoration on the saucer is a scene from the Greek legend of Jason in the quest for the Golden Fleece; Jason, clad in armour, holding a shield and spear, has just slain the dragon. The Golden Fleece hangs behind on a branch. The cup is painted with a half woman, half serpent, holding a snake up to her face, possibly depicting Lust.

Cajetan Purtscher was responsible for some of the finest figure painting at Nymphenburg. He adapted the engravings of the Augsburg engraver Joahann Ulrich Krauss, who created an illustrative record based on the metamorphoses of Ovid.
Condition Some minor rubbing
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