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Pair of Meissen Figures of a Baker and his Dancing Companion

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Dates Circa 1755
14.00cm high (5.51 inches high)
Origin Germany
Description A very rare and fine pair of Meissen figures of a Baker and his dancing companion from the ‘Cris De Paris’ Series modelled by J J Kändler and P Reinicke. Both figures are impressed with the number 10.

These figures were made in two sizes of which these are the smaller. It is the first and probably the only series of figures derived from a series of drawings commissioned by the Meissen factory for this purpose. The drawings by Christophe Huet are still owned by the Meissen factory. The drawings were sent in 1753 from Paris by Christophe Huet's brother Jean-Charles who was the Meissen factory’s Paris agent.

Many of the 'Cris de Paris' Series by Kändler and Reinicke have similar pressmark numbers on their base. These numbers relate to the original drawings of this series by Christophe Huet.
Condition Some professional restoration