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Sèvres Biscuit Figure of Le Petit Vendandgeur

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This item is no longer available
Dates Circa 1775
Medium Porcelain
Origin France
Description Sèvres biscuit figure of a boy, ‘Le Petit Vendandgeur' modelled with a basket of grapes on his arm, a flacon in one hand, and a small cup in the other, leaning on a tree stump.   

Marked with incised letters LR 5 for Josse-Francois-Joseph Le Riche (active 1757-1769 and 1775-1801).

15cm High

This series originally modelled by Falconet in 1757, remained popular throughout the third quatre of the 18th century and here this model is signed by Le Riche. Based on the engraved series 'Enfants Boucher' after drawings by François Boucher.
Condition Handle of basket restored