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Sèvres Egg Cup from the Royal Service

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Dates Circa 1848
6.50cm high (2.56 inches high)
Medium Porcelain
Origin France
Description The Royal Fontainebleau Service: Sèvres hard-paste egg cup from the Service Ordinaire de Louis-Philippe à Fontainebleau. Transfer printed design of green leaves with birds and three roundels with attributes.

Marks: LP crown and 45 insignia mark in green for Louis-Philippe ( 1830-1848).

Gold circular mark SEVRES LP (1848). Red stamp Château de F’bleau. Incised marks : DL 46:2 (1846 February) Gilder’s mark: M possibly for the gilder Jean-Louis Moyez (1845-8)

The royal Sèvres service made for the château of Fontainebleau was ordered in 1835. The first part was delivered in 1839 and consisted of 109 pieces. Further tranches were added over subsequent years, the last order arriving on 21st February 1848.

Louis-Philippe left for Britain in 1850.

Literature: Les Sèvres de Fontainebleau 1804-1904, pp. 317-324