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Sèvres Teapot and Cover (Théière Calabre)

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Dates Circa 1765
Medium Porcelain
Origin France
Description Sèvres teapot and cover (Théière Calabre) the main body painted with a gilded brick pattern, with alternate bricks being tooled to create this rich and elegant contrasting pattern. The borders are painted with tiny 'fond Taillandier' blue dots, which are in between a gold leaf meander pattern.

The grounds that often accompanied this type of decoration were painted by Vincent Taillandier or his wife, Geneviève. These were in the form of tiny dots or circles in various different colours, which are known as fond Taillandier. Taillandier is accredited with the creation of this design.

14cm High

The stripes of light are from the camera, the porcelain is in fine condition.
Condition Tip of spout re-gilded