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Worcester Hexagonal Bottle-Shaped Vase

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Dates Circa 1753
Origin England
Description Hexagonal Bottle-Shaped Vase, decorated with a crane-like bird, with its head lowered, is one of the most evocative and endearing images on early Worcester porcelain. It recurs on a range of teawares and in the reserved panels of sauceboats and creamboats. This engaging theme is almost entirely drawn form the imagination of the Worcester designers. Imbued with Chinese and Japanese idioms, it directly imitates neither. In this sense, it embodies the parallels with the 'indianische blumen' of Meissen, wherein Chinese and Japanese motifs were interwoven so as to create an entirely fresh decoration idiom with its own palette, style and chinoiserie atmosphere.

The range of small moulded vases, principally devised for decorative purposes, which were such a feature of the early production, were not mirrored elsewhere in contemporary factories.